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Hanging Pixels is a podcast for innovative photography professionals, where we discuss trends in the photo industry, focusing on the rapidly evolving world of digital photography. Topics vary greatly, but are almost always related to the business side of professional photography. Areas of concentration include the social, mobile and economic trends.

Hosted by TW Woodward.


May 3, 2019

In 2015, Jeff Eckerle and Scott DeFusco realized that the photo industry was lagging behind the consumer. In the wake of mobile disruption, outdated products and selling methods had left the industry at risk of a rapid descent towards irrelevancy. Armed with years of experience creating software solutions that connected consumers to business, Jeff and Scott set out on the startup adventure and created the Capturelife mobile platform with their eyes set on more than just the traditional portrait and print market.  Join host TW Woodward as he circles back with Jeff and Scott to discuss the early days of the startup experience and Capturelife's expansion into the experience economy where professional photography can unlock a lifetime connection to the consumer.