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Hanging Pixels is a podcast for innovative photography professionals, where we discuss trends in the photo industry, focusing on the rapidly evolving world of digital photography. Topics vary greatly, but are almost always related to the business side of professional photography. Areas of concentration include the social, mobile and economic trends.

Hosted by TW Woodward.


Nov 16, 2019

Join host TW Woodward and guest Harri Olkinuora from Norway-based software company Netlife Suite as they discuss GDPR-the General Data Protection Regulation and how government legislation threatens the future of the photo industry.  With CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) coming into effect in January 2020, consumer privacy and protection have become a critical component of how companies in the United States store and share private data.  Host TW Woodward asks the tough questions surrounding government regulation and Harri provides direct experience and real-world examples from the photo industry in Europe.