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Hanging Pixels is a podcast for innovative photography professionals, where we discuss trends in the photo industry, focusing on the rapidly evolving world of digital photography. Topics vary greatly, but are almost always related to the business side of professional photography. Areas of concentration include the social, mobile and economic trends.

Hosted by TW Woodward.


Aug 9, 2019

As society changes and more and more customers move towards an online and mobile image experience, cyber security and data privacy may become the single greatest threat to photography businesses and the industry as a whole.  In this installment of the Hanging Pixels Podcast, guest Mike Watkinson, CTO and security expert...

Aug 1, 2019

Peter Read Miller has been covering the world's sporting events for over 40 years, including 41 Super Bowls, 9 Olympic games and 14 NBA Finals.  His pictures have graced the cover of Sports Illustrated over 100 times.  In this episode of the Hanging Pixels Podcast, Peter discusses how he climbed the professional ladder...